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Leadership Moments Podcast

Short & Sweet 10

EPISODE 52 15:43

Short & Sweet - Highlights from Episodes 48 - 51

Short & Sweet 10
Oscar Trimboli

Short of time? Maybe you need a quick reminder, or you want to get a taste before listening to the full episode – whatever it is grab a coffee and enjoy listening to Diana Renner, David Anderson, Audrey McGibbon and Mark Wood as they share their leadership moments and their favourite leadership questions.


You'LL Learn

  • The real people on the ground exercise leadership in the work they do, making change happen. This can be a great source to learn from and be inspired by
  • You don’t have to build your own mousetrap you just have to recognise a good one when you see it
  • Have the courage to make a decision on limited information and the ability to live with the consequences
  • You can help other people more if you have a strong point of view and belief in what you do
  • Stretch – stretch-self, the team in terms of performance and outcomes and also stretch the ideas. This can be done in a way to engage and motivate the team
  • Be clear on how you want to turn up at work, know who you are and be authentic to your values. You deliver great leadership when your behaviour aligns with your values
  • In order to be successful, you need to learn to deliver through others effectively
  • Leadership is an activity not a position - it is accessible to anyone in the organisation
  • You have to tell the story to bring your different audiences with you and be sure you are providing them with what they need and want
  • Moments of personal weakness can ultimately strengthen you – you learn more from your failures than successes
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