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Leadership Moments Podcast

Short & Sweet 12

EPISODE 64 16:02

Short & Sweet 12 - Highlights from Episodes 59-63

Short & Sweet 12
Oscar Trimboli

Time to give yourself a short break from social isolation and meet some different people. Take a short, sharp time out and listen to highlights from previous leadership moments episodes. These are great as a quick reminder, or as a taster to help you decide which episode to listen to – you never know you may even find some inspiration by just being with some different people!

Listen to highlights from Jackie Smith, Diane Gipey, Wayne Deeth and Louise Clarke’s leadership moments.


You'LL Learn

  • Leading with grace, compassion and kindness
  • Take the time to step back and focus on the positives in any situation
  • Consult with the team members, forcing things on them won’t work
  • Be aware of the impact your relationship with others can have on the wider team
  • If you are not clear on what you need – expect, then others will not be able to follow you
  • Sharing our own story and being vulnerable connects us and builds trust
  • Recognise when your values are compromised and act quickly to adjust and realign to maintain your authenticity
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