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Leadership Moments Podcast

Short & Sweet 9

EPISODE 47 20:17

Short & Sweet - Highlights from Episodes 43-46

Short & Sweet 9
Oscar Trimboli

Time for a break – 20 minutes of insight and inspiration with highlights from the Leadership Moments of Phil Cross, James Kemp, Jill Livesey and Professor Peter Hawkins.


You'LL Learn

  • Gregory Bateson wrote that most of the challenges of the world cannot be addressed without shorting human consciousness
  • Leadership is leading others to do stuff, not doing more stuff yourself
  • Good have lots of little failures – okay to fail when value of learning is greater than cost of failure
  • When busy, it is important as a leader to check in with how the team is going – to support and check in with them along the way
  • There is not a one size fits all approach to leadership
  • Leadership is more an attitude than a role, it begins when we stop blaming others and making excuses
  • Adopting the growth mindset allows us to grow - do I care more about looking good or learning and growing?
  • Mindfulness can help deal with the stress of work and life
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