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Leadership Moments Podcast

Tony Mansfield

EPISODE 41 33:50

Life is Messy

Tony Mansfield
Oscar Trimboli

Tony is from the world of marketing, specifically branding. He shares learnings about change and dealing with the unknown. He's moved from senior leadership in multinational businesses to strategy consultant, coach and now partnering in Contentious Character a thriving wine business that encompasses agriculture, hospitality and retail. Tony talks about constantly building bridges to strengthen relationships and reminds us not to neglect ourselves.


Transcript - Episode 41 Tony Mansfield

You'LL Learn

  • Changing career is scary as you are dealing with the unknown: be prepared to work through it and keep learning
  • Spending time at the coalface helps evolve your empathy and understanding of what others are experiencing
  • Branding is about delivering an experience not the external trappings of visuals like the logo – bring out whatever is on the inside - this defines the brand
  • Being true to your beliefs and doing the right thing even if there are consequences to yourself is important but not always easy
  • Take responsibility for your actions and do right by others – be tolerant of mistakes – very rarely does anybody get it right the first time
  • We all have an emotional bank account where we can make deposits and withdrawals in our relationships – we need to have more deposits than withdrawals in order to build up this bank account – Stephen Covey
  • Build bridges with people especially when there are problems or gaps, this is an ongoing process even with established relationships
  • Taking the time out to take care of yourself makes a big difference in how you engage in the decision-making process and your behaviour in the business environment
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