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Leadership Moments Podcast

Warren Hogan

EPISODE 40 37:23

The Intersection of Economics and Politics

Warren Hogan
Oscar Trimboli

Well known Economist, Commentator and Executive in Residence at the University of Technology Sydney Business School, Professor Warren Hogan makes sense of the global economy and how it has led to the rise of populism. He talks about the need for greater community leadership and reminds us to focus on what we do and finding the opportunities in the disruption. And, of course he shares his leadership moments from 25 years of working as an economist for major banks and government.


Transcript - Episode 40 Warren Hogan

You'LL Learn

  • Whereas in the past politics was more of a side issue in the state of the economies of the world, at the present time the intersection of economics and politics is at the centre of what's going on
  • It is a form of populism that is winding back many of the policy parameters and elements of the economic system that have delivered so much improvement in living standards in the last 30 years
  • These global changes are a consequence of short-termism favoured by corporate thinking and economic policy and as such some serious rebuilding of trust is needed
  • A CEO doesn’t lead an organization. A CEO leads a management team that leads an organization
  • The need to develop a long-term approach and to expand our thinking to include all stakeholders including the community and
  • The importance of listening to good leadership
  • One must have the courage to speak up and stand up to people who are going about things the wrong way which can be difficult because these people may be your bosses
  • Having a coach is important in leadership development since it gives you someone to speak to and to hold you to account for your actions
  • The need to build resilience and not get caught up in the bad news but to remained focused on what you can control and find the opportunities in that situation
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