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Leadership Moments Podcast

Wayne Deeth

EPISODE 61 39:42

Making a difference in the lives of others

Wayne Deeth
Oscar Trimboli

Wayne Deeth shares his learnings and wisdom from a career fulfilling his purpose to make a difference in the lives of others. In amongst his achievements Wayne set up Max Potential, a very successful program coaching teenagers to reach their potential. He explains how as parents and leaders asking questions and not telling is the key to supporting people to take responsibility and think differently. He also talks about his passion for Camels and what we can learn from them.


Transcript Ep 61 - Wayne Deeth (219 downloads )

You'LL Learn

  • The Greenleaf Foundation and the concept of “servant leadership”. Servants are people that leave other people more empowered, enabled and engaged by engaging with them
  • The Max Potential Program takes the young adult on a journey:
    • gather the facts. Establish goals with the kids - if that's what you want to do, what are the pros? What are the cons? You've done that? Go and do it and then learn from it
    • Use the 7 F’s as a guide for goal setting – Family, Friendship, Faith, Finances, Fitness, Firm (career) and Fun
    • Build feedback into the learning so not only are you helping your kids think differently about their solutions to their problems but how do they build feedback about how well they're doing and how they can monitor on the run and change the strategy in order to still own what they want to get
  • Often it is us as parents who create a lot of the behaviours of our kids, likewise as leaders we create the behaviours of our employees
  • Unhealthy relationships, toxicity in the workplace and unhelpful cultures come from the use of power or the games we play with power. Therefore, what makes a great coach/leader is someone who chooses not to play that power game, one who chooses to be equal with the person opposite them
  • The armour we carry is probably our biggest handicap, we need to remove it and open ourselves which is difficult because often it is what made us successful. We need to engage with people as equals. Power with rather than power over others. It is about engagement, facilitation and collaboration
  • Interaction with camels answers questions: how do I build trust from the animal’s perspective towards me? How do I build this relationship of trust so that we can follow each other, and each take the lead at different points? How do I read what the camel is doing? How do I understand what they're thinking and anticipate before the camel makes the move? A metaphor for life
  • Different people have varied reactions to the camel and that is how a team works – how do you use that diversity and differences to solve a problem?
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