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LEADERSHIP QUESTIONS | Professor Peter Hawkins

Professor Peter Hawkins

Professor Peter Hawkins

Author, Consultant and Researcher


  1. What can I uniquely do that the world of tomorrow needs?
  2. What is it we need to achieve together that we cannot achieve apart?
  3. How are we positively contributing to the environment and the ecology around us?
  4. How do we recognize the decisions we're making today will have implications for not just the next generation but the one after that?
  5. How do we work from source rather the from effort?

answer context

Team development is based on the erroneous belief that it is enough that we have good relationships and we trust each other for us to have an effective leadership team. The research, however, does not support that. The research tells us that the most important thing to be successful is having a very clear collective purpose and every member of the team recognizing they can only achieve it through collaboration.

We should not just coach on how the team relates to itself but on how the team relates to its investors, its customers, suppliers, its employees, it's wider community and increasingly, the ecology and that this should be more focal in team coaching.

The unrecognized stakeholder refers not only to the unrecognized human stakeholder. Often the stakeholder we are ignoring at our peril is the more than human ones - our environment, ecology and climate change among others.

Part of leading beyond the heroic leader to collective leadership is also each of us learning to work from collective and renewable energy rather than from determination and effort because otherwise we won't grow in individual and collective capacity to step up to the challenges that are now facing us. We should realize that 99% of what keeps us alive isn't done by us. It's the sun. it's the rain. It's the wind. It's the earth. We can also use that for our psychological energy and mental energy, not just for food and air and water.

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