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Lifting Wellbeing

Lifting Wellbeing

Moving from overwhelm towards flourishing


Work and life can creep up on us and over time create a sense of overwhelm that can in turn lead to burn out if not addressed. Three coaching sessions using the GLWS (Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey), developed specifically to understand exactly what’s shaping a leader’s ability to perform and stay at their best at work and their personal lives. These sessions will deepen your understanding and support you to make simple changes that can have a significant positive impact. You will:
Complete the GLWS online survey and have a 2 hour one on one debrief of your personal wellbeing report to:

  • Understand the different elements of working and living well
  • Identify what is enhancing your wellbeing and what might be detracting from it
  • Discuss your priorities, where changes can be made and resources available
  • Commit to the what next – the first steps to make changes

Have 2 follow-up 1-hour coaching sessions to support reflection, embed learning, review priorities, commit to what’s next and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles

Appropriate material and references to build understanding of the different elements of wellbeing are provided. Reflective practices are set to sustain changes. Whilst follow-up coaching helps deepen understanding and embed meaningful change, the GLWS can be done on its own if appropriate.

Call me on +61 0407 262 475 to find out more or get started and book your first session via the book and pay button.

Price subject to GST. Does not include travel outside of greater Sydney

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