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Refunds & Cancellations

Refund Policy

Coaching programs are payable in advance. Either coach or client may elect to terminate an individual coaching engagement at any time. If the coach terminates, the fees for the cancelled sessions will be refunded in full. If the coaching participant terminates, the cancelled session fees will be refunded in full.

If during the first session you feel you get no value from the discussion - then the session/program cost will be refunded to you immediately, excepting any cost incurred for third party products such as 360 profiles

Cancellation Policy

Our coaching participants are busy professionals, and we understand that their calendars can change on short notice. However, to maintain a viable business we have the following cancellation policy:

Change made more than 2 business days before the session, the session can be rescheduled at no extra cost
If a cancellation is made more than 2 business days in advance, the session will be refunded
Changes/cancellations made within 2 business days of the original session are charged at the full rate. You can either (1) forfeit the session from the program, or (2) buy another session at the relevant rate.

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