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Murray Wright
Welcome to my thoughts & insights around personal development. You’ll find pieces about leadership, self reflection, recommended reading and various exercises and resources to assist with growing your awareness.



Adopting a coaching mindset

Adopting a coaching mindset will develop, engage and empower your team and in the long run allow you to do […]

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The Biggest Leadership Challenge of our Time – Audrey McGibbon Blog Post

Resilience and wellbeing are top of the list for many of my clients I talk with. They also recognise that […]

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Simple Habits for Complex Times by Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston

When faced with complex challenges or uncertain outcomes, many leaders believe that if they are smart enough, work hard enough, […]

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50 Tips for Terrific Teams by Dr. Jacqueline Peters and Dr. Catherine Carr

"There is so much good research and writing on high performing teams now... but few CEOs have the time to […]

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Coaching A-Z by Haesun Moon

Your indispensable guide for coaching mastery. Language is a powerful tool that can unite, engage, and move people to action. […]

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The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

A ground-breaking exploration of how successful groups operate – whether in sport, business or society as a whole – and […]

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The Coaching Habit Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way Your Lead Forever

This is a great read that makes a compelling case for the benefits of coaching and gives you seven questions […]

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The Checklist Manifesto; How to get things right

Gawande plots the development of check lists in aviation, shows how check lists save lives in the operating theatre, and […]

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Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of A Team

A look at why teams don’t function and ways to over cone the obstacles. The five reason identified are lack […]

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The Leadership Challenge How to make extraordinary things happen in organisations

First published over 25 years ago it is still as relevant today as it was then. It provides practical and […]

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Crucial Conversations

A great read to help you have those difficult conversations. It explains what happens to the mind and body during […]

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Pink pulls together historical and contemporary research to explain what really does motivate us whilst showing why much of how […]

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Story of a son inheriting his fathers business and turning it on its head and doing things very differently

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Fierce Conversations

Similar to 'Crucial Conversations' but taken much more from the personal perspective and challenges you to have the fierce conversations […]

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