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Murray Wright
Welcome to my thoughts & insights around personal development. You’ll find pieces about leadership, self reflection, recommended reading and various exercises and resources to assist with growing your awareness.



From Grumble to Gratitude – Four steps to align with life’s agenda

A wonderful reminder from Professor Peter Hawkins on the power of changing our thinking – from dwelling on the problems […]

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Your Brain at Work

Learn about how your brain works – develop strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus and working smarter all day long

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The Dip - The Extraordinary Benefits of Knowing When to Quit (and When to Stick)

A great read on resilience. In Godin’s uniquely clear and succinct way he talks about how successful people know which […]

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Take Back Your Life

A great manual on how to set up Outlook and use it to full effect. Like any system it is […]

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Reinventing the body, Resurrecting the soul

Chopra looks at out body and mind and shows us how to recreate a whole new self – the self […]

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The Five Minute Journal

Literally a journal that takes you five minutes first thing in the morning and five minutes at the end of […]

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The Way We’re working isn’t Working

Highlights 4 areas that we have to take care off in our lives to be effective – mind, body, emotions […]

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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

If you were to pick just one book to read, this would be it. A powerful guide to personal change […]

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The Inner Game of Work

Gallwey started as a tennis coach and learned that we all know what to do; it is a matter of […]

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Crucial Conversations

A great read to help you have those difficult conversations. It explains what happens to the mind and body during […]

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Awakening the Buddha Within

A good exploration of Buddhism and its main tenants with exercises on mindfulness. Written by an American Jew who is […]

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Finding the Quiet

Simple to understand methods for meditating.

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Fierce Conversations

Similar to 'Crucial Conversations' but taken much more from the personal perspective and challenges you to have the fierce conversations […]

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