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Create Space, Listen and Trust Yourself

Create Space, Listen and Trust Yourself

You will be surprised at the problems you can solve.
I am always amazed that, when talking with people faced with a problem they can’t solve, if they are given the invitation to talk about it without fear of judgement or being given advice, a “space” is created for them.
In that space they open up their thinking and reflect freely about the problem. This will then, more often than not, lead to them expressing clearly and in detail what they should do – and it all makes perfect sense!
Yet before the space was created they did not know what to do. I am sure we have all experienced this at sometime and probably more often by luck than anything else.
If we create the space for ourselves, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routine; stop judging ourselves and listen to what we find in that space; and trust it – we will more often than not find the answer we were looking for.
Have you experienced this? Maybe over a drink, talking with you partner, cutting the grass?
How can you create this space regularly in you life?
How can you help those around you with this process? (Remember just listen and no judgement or advice!)
Need help? Who around you can or support you with this?
Share your experiences as a regular practitioner or a first timer with us or let me know directly.
Enjoy your space!


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