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End of Year Reflection

End of Year Reflection

End of Year Reflection

I have to admit that I did not create this, I have copied it from somewhere and saved it for a rainy day.

I have adjusted slightly, but thanks to whoever did the original.
Have a great end of year and a cracking start to 2020!

1. How have things run for you this year?
With a maximum score of 10, rate your: Satisfaction with the strength of your important relationships (boss, team, influencers, clients) Happiness with the flow of work and delivery of business outcomes Skill at communicating with others Capacity to handle pressure and overwhelm Ability to stay focused on priorities

2. What have been your emotive milestones?
What are you happiest about? What are you most excited about? What are you proudest of?

3. What areas need improvement?
List five aspects of your work that you’d like to bolster in the year ahead.

4. Aren’t we forgetting something?
Now do the same for your life. (Didn’t see that coming, did you?)

5. Who would benefit from reading your report?
Take a moment to consider who deserves to hear about how your year has gone and tee up a time to talk it over. It’s called sharing, and it’s that time of year!

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