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Expectations – don’t forget the important question

Expectations – don’t forget the important question

It makes it easier if we sit with people and clearly explain what we want and expect from them, but there is a question that we have to make sure we don’t
How often have we heard people complain about being a bit lost and not sure what is expected from them. Job descriptions are often the default reference,
but even with very clear job descriptions people want their leaders to explain clearly what they want from people as individuals. It just makes it
so much easier if we sit down and explain to people as individuals what we want from them.
Many do not have these conversations, in fact when asked many leaders find it hard to express what it is they want from their people. Others are good at
it and make a point of being very explicit so that they can hold individuals accountable.
It is certain the conversation has to be thought about and you have to be clear. However, in the rush to generate clarity and accountability – don’t forget
to ask “… and what do you expect from me?”
This is perhaps the most important part of the discussion that can lead to some powerful insights that make us better leaders.


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