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Fierce Leadership

Fierce Leadership

Susan Scott wrote about changing the world one conversation at a time in her book Fierce Conversations - we all know them, the talk we should have with someone but it sits there unsaid.
In this TED talk she turns her attention to leadership. Her 19 minute talk  is humorous but with a deadly serious message for all of us about the need for radical transparency.

She explains 3 apostrophes she had (you have to watch it to understand!)

  1. Careers, companies, relationship succeed or fail gradually then suddenly one conversation at a time
  2. We have an abnormal fear of the truth - we hold within us what we really think and feel and pay the price for it
  3. The progress of the world is dependent on the progress of individuals showing leadership and talks about how some of our best practices just don't stack up.

If you are pressed for time, the first 5 minutes will still entertain you and challenge your thinking.

I cannot recommend this one enough and I hope that you are moved to start changing your world one conversation at a time!


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