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Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl

I came across this 4 minute TED video of Viktor Frankl talking to a group of students in 1972 explaining that our belief in people is an important part of making people capable of what they can be.
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It is a great reminder of the difference our approach to others makes. I am sure we can all find an example of somebody who has truly believed in us and the difference it has made to our own confidence and ability to succeed.

It is an engaging clip not only for the message but the way Frankl delivers it.

A few questions that I thought might be helpful as you reflect on what the video means for you:

  • How strong is your belief in yourself and how high are you setting your own goals?
  • Take a look at the people around you, both at home and work - do you believe in them?
  • Does your behaviour reflect your thinking?
  • As a result of your thoughts, what can you do tomorrow to make a difference to someone and make them capable of what they can be?
  • How will you remind yourself of this principle on an ongoing basis?
  • Who could you share what you have learned with?

Good luck with it, I hope it helps you make a difference.

Viktor Frankl was a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps where he formed many of his views including that we cannot avoid suffering but we can chose how to cope with it. His book Man's Search for Meaning sets out his theory known as logotherapy, from the Greek word logos ("meaning"). It holds that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit if what we personally find meaningful.

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