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Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Beware identity overlap!

Work is an important part of our life, however when it starts to take over and define us we can lose perspective and connection with ourselves. If
this happens there is a danger of succumbing to stress and anxiety that reduces our ability to function and work effectively.
Recently I did some work with a client who used the first person when talking about the business: it was all problems, failures and very stuck. This
was in fact negative self talk and was the clue that their identity had become lost or entangled in the business. Their energy was very low, stress
was high and they could not move beyond the problems and look at solutions. Needless to say, their own and the business performance was suffering.
Getting them to look at the business and make a clear statement that whilst they were committed to it, it did not define them, changed the energy.
As soon as this was done they were able to take a step back, separate themselves from the business and take a more balanced view of the positives
and opportunities and see clearly what needed to be done in the situation.
Most importantly they could now acknowledge their own worth as a person across all of life, not just at work. This allowed them to connect with all
their resources, including skills and experience, lifting confidence, energy and reducing stress. The outcome was calmness, clear focus and greater
The learning here is to be sure that whilst you may love your job it does not define.




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