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Why everyone needs a coach

Why everyone needs a coach

Why everyone needs a coach

When I started out on my leadership journey in my early 20’s, I moved fast, had fun and was going to run the world! I was ambitious and bullet proof. Then I hit some brick walls along the way, I struggled and lost much of that confidence and vision


Because I did not understand and connect to my true self

I thought that by working harder and being smarter than everyone else, and where necessary forcing decisions through, I would be successful.

Well I was wrong, I was not fulfilled and whilst I succeeded in getting senior jobs, there was always something missing and I was limiting myself and my teams. It was a lonely experience - then I hired a coach and this started a process that has taken me to where I am today. I still have coaches for different parts of my practice, business and life.

Have you ever thought about having a coach on your team?

I really wish I had had a coach all those years ago, and I think in today’s busy and demanding world it is even more important, no matter where you are at in your leadership journey. It is about slowing down to go fast.

People have coaches because it works

This learning and growth is not something you can do on your own. It is not just elite sports stars who have coaches, but also successful business people, leaders and their teams. They have coaches because it works. Here are some excerpts from client testimonials

“We are now a much more cohesive, honest and connected team dynamic .... and we have increased business performance and engagement.” Richard Holt, GM Accor Darling Harbour

“.......I was able to turn around my approach completely and have used this for every high stakes engagement since. I'm finally present and engaged at the level I've always sought.” Famey Williams, A/Director, Policy Programs & Design Innovation at FACS - Aboriginal Housing Office

We all need a coach

Watch this TED Talk 'Want to get great at something? Get a coach' by Atul Gunawande, a leading US Surgeon, he asked himself if he needed a coach - he shares his moving story and argues that in an increasingly complex and challenging world we all need a coach.

You can explore coaching as a one-off conversation, a tailored program for you or a program to lift your team’s ability to grow and deliver results.

Want to know more?

Book in for a 30 minute Zoom “coffee catch up” online call to explore more about what coaching is, find out more about me – no fees, no obligations, just 30 minutes talking about you.

You can find out more about me and my coaching credentials here.

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