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COVID-19 - Team Recovery

COVID-19 - Team Recovery

Building the team charter for a new world


Step back – Reflect & Learn – Re-set

A lot has changed over the last few months for teams. The only thing that is certain is teams, and all the relationships within and around them will continue to change and evolve as the new future emerges.

After a chaotic few months of survival and rapid adjustment, there will be a time when the team needs to come together, whether face to face or virtually and step back, reflect and learn and reset for what comes next.

Here are some of the ways we can support you:

A one on one clarity session for the team leader

Create the space to step back and process what has been going on. Broaden your perspective of the current situation, understanding the priorities and decide where you need to focus.

Find out more about Clarity Sessions.

Coach the Team Leader to be Team Coach

The role of team coach is to develop a connected collective leadership that delivers results, is able to adjust rapidly and applies learning as a team and individuals.

Enquire about Coaching using our on-page form.

Survey the Team

Do a simple Squadify survey of your team to know what is important to the team and where the conversations need to start. You can do several over 12 months and measure your progress.

Enquire about a Survey Set-Up using our on-page form.

Support Team Learning

Collectively process how you have gone, what has been learned about self and team and answer important questions for what is emerging:

  • Who is in the team?
  • What can we do collectively that we cannot do alone? (team purpose)
  • What culture do we want and how do we create it? (team values & norms)
  • What does success look like in our new world? (updated goals and measure)
  • What are our next steps? (Agreed action plan)

Enquire about a Team Learning Session using our on-page form.

Team Development Sessions

Expand existing skills, add new ones such as coaching, having important conversations, creating team success and wellbeing. If there's something else you'd like to cover - let us know, and we'll develop a tailored solution especially for you.

Enquire about Team Development session using our on-page form.


It can be one session on a specific challenge, a short program or something more - we are flexible on how they are packaged.

Review our Team Solutions or use the on-page form to enquire about a solution tailored specifically for you.

Leadership Moments Podcast Episode

Listen to a discussion with my panel of associate coaches about the changed stakeholder expectations and the conversations that have to be had so teams can stay relevant and successfully plot a route through a very different world.

Listen to the Team Special episode.

Price subject to GST. Does not include travel outside of greater Sydney

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