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Mark Champley

Mark Champley

Change Manager
Service Development and Support
NSW Trains

I recently had the pleasure to be coached by Murray Wright for my career development and improved leadership capabilities. I am a Kamilaroi man employed by NSW TrainLink in a management position. I am also very active within community and sit on a number of Aboriginal committees including TfNSW Aboriginal Reference Group. The time I spent with Murray opened my eyes to new strategies and techniques that I now use on a daily basis. It has given me a new focus and self-reliance to face the demands of a leader today. The coaching was also an opportunity to reflect and redirect my priorities for a better work-life balance. Murray understands the importance and challenge of ‘walking in two worlds’. As I walk in the world of my corporate role and I walk in the world of my own cultural identity. His insights to use the strength from both have given me inner strength and confidence.

I feel honoured and very fortunate to have been coached by Murray and believe his knowledge, understanding and drive to inspire others will help leaders to reach their full potential.

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