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We are often so busy we do not get the time to really think about how we are doing as leaders, managers and professionals. Performance appraisal and development processes are often unsatisfactory and restricted to a "script" imposed by a system as opposed to what is actually relevant in a given moment for a specific job. It's because of this that many of the larger corporations are replacing the annual appraisal with more regular discussions to discuss current challenges and what is needed at that moment.

This self-assessment tool is a simple way to check in with yourself and assess what skills/traits are important to use as a leader at this moment, whether it be to kick start a new project, get your team into alignment or prepare for the next job. It is also a framework you could use with your team members to get them to reflect on where they are at now and start the conversation about where they need to get to in the future.

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Personal Action Plan
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